Since 1899 Stenströms has crafted high-quality shirts. Today, over 100 years later, our reputation for unique quality has spread far beyond the country’s borders. 



Royal Purveyor


For many years, Stenströms has been a purveyor of fine garments to the Royal Court of Sweden and is entitled to use the phrases “By appointment to H.M. the King of Sweden” and “By appointment to H.M. the Queen of Sweden”.



The year was 1899

Swedish Confidence, Exported Since 1899

For the 1899 collection, we have taken the quality philosophy one step further and added more steps in the making. 

– “If you are going to talk in car terms, this is the absolute top line in the premium segment. With the 1899 collection we want to show our craft, and at the same time tell our story through a shirt. Here, we have gathered all our knowledge and all the best materials, which gives a unique quality, down to the smallest detail,” says Peter Jüriado, head of design for men. 

The shirts have a classic Stenströms silhouette and expression, and according to Peter Jüriado, they are mainly business-oriented.
– “But it is important that the shirt also work together with a pair of jeans. It should have high wear resistance and withstand many washes, while being soft and comfortable to wear.” 



Style, quality and knowledge with a century of heritage


Style, quality and comfort in every detail. This philosophy has made Stenströms one of Sweden's most well-known and respected brands. The classic Stenströms shirt carries more than 100 years of tradition, craftsmanship and quality.

Women’s blouses, knitted garments, accessories, boxer shorts and ties are now also included in our business concept. Now, we can look back on our first century as a design and fashion house. And even though we continue to grow, our attitude to quality always remains the same.



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