Today, you can find a number of those “non-iron shirts” on the market. While, most of them feel cheap because the fiber is coated with formaldehyde, which is bad for your skin, the Eton finish is 100% organic and feels just like real cotton. Furthermore, at the end of the 4-week finishing process, the shirt contains less chemicals than a cup of black tea.

We have gathered the most exotic fabrics from huge selection offered by ETON in many sizes and styles that make it easy for our clients to pick the one that fits and looks the best on them.

Esquire has been trending and leading fashion from the most elegant to the most fashion forward designs and colors.

Our experience sales professionals with extensive knowledge of inventory and fashion styles and our state of the art Alteration shop are ready to take on any task regarding your fashion needs to make your visit as a most desirable one with the best experience.



Attention to detail has turned Eton into one of the world’s finest shirt makers. Through a dedicated belief in quality and craftsmanship the Swedish shirt success story has spread from the small village of Gånghester in the west of Sweden to some of the world’s most exclusive departmental stores and retailers. Today, Eton still remains loyal to its heritage as a specialist shirt manufacturer.


The finishing process takes place in Switzerland and is performed by a joint venture between Eton and Alumo. Eton experimented with their organic finishing process in the seventies, and today they are the only one who can achieve this wrinkle reducing finish without any chemicals.

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